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Cristal seeds make marijuana cultivation easier. In contrast to photoperiod feminized cannabis seeds, the seeds can be planted outside in cooler regions without any problems and still deliver very good results. Under good climatic conditions, very good harvests can be achieved indoors and outdoors after only a few weeks. Even in regions with short summers, Cristal seeds cannabis seeds (also known as auto seeds) can be planted outdoors without difficulty and produce good results.The cross-bred cannabis Ruderalis originates from Asian regions with short summers and a harsher climate. When combined with classic Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa strains from more southern regions, this produces Cristal seeds cannabis seeds. If these marijuana seeds are grown indoors, a twelve-hour dark period is not necessary. In fact, the plant should not be pruned, as is often done with normal marijuana plants, when growing with Cristal seeds cannabis seeds, because the life cycle of these plants is too short to continue to develop well after the tip has been cut off. 


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